With reflection, refraction, Russian roulette, depth of field, participating media, and stratified sampling. C++, OpenGL, G3D.

GPU Hydraulic Erosion Simulation

Implementation of the paper "Fast Hydraulic Erosion Simulation and Visualization on GPU" by Xing Mei, Philippe Decaudin, Baogang Hu (2007). Loads image as heightfield geometry, runs simulation in real-time using shader passes to simulate rain, water flow, velocity, sediment transport and deposition, and terrain levels. C++, OpenGL, G3D.

GPU Particle System

Pair project, 3d scene with crashing ocean waves. Responsible for the ocean spray; created GPU particle system using transform feedback method, collision detection with implicit surfaces, and sprite billboarding for real-time rendering. C++, OpenGL.


Scene parser, real-time viewer, and raytracer. Supports reflection, texture mapping, shadows, and light attenuation; optimized with a KdTree and multithreading. C++, OpenGL.